Why should I quit smoking?
Chances are you already know the answer if you are reading this and you are looking for ways to support this change.

No matter what it is that you smoke, be it cigarettes, pipe, vape or roll ups - you are obviously looking for support to stop or reduce your intake which is fantastic news, you have stumbled upon the right place!

One thing that may worry is you may have quit before and then gone back to it. Don’t worry – that was your practice quit last time and many people need to stop smoking several times before they quit for good. Knowing why you went back to it will help us put a plan together this time to make sure this is a permanent change for you.

What happens to the body when you quit?

Why do you want to stop smoking?
People reduce or quit for many reasons; these are the most common ones I have worked with:

- Health benefits
- Save money
- It makes my clothes and breath smell bad.
- The prospect of living a longer life to enjoy family/grandchildren etc
- To become pregnant.

There are many ways to support you quit smoking, hypnosis is just one way to help you but all of them can work in conjunction with each other. I am happy to work with anyone using other quit methods, such as patches at the same time.

Why choose hypnosis to help me quit smoking?
Research suggests that hypnosis has a greater success rate than will power alone.
Although this is an American article it gives lots of information about using hypnosis to help you quit
smoking. Take a look and do your own research as well.

Hypnosis cannot make you stop; you have to want to give up. Let’s be clear here, hypnosis is not
mind control and there is no quick fix or magic involved. What I can do, however, is improve your
motivation to give up and speak to your subconscious which is more open to suggestion than the
conscious part of your mind.

My 4-step approach gives you comprehensive support in order for you to quit.
1) An informal conversation either on the phone or over zoom to help me understand why you smoke, why you want to quit and a chance for you to ask any questions?

2) Preparation for change - 1 hour

Your actual quit session will have a better chance of success if you are not worrying about going into
trance. This session will be for many clients their first dabble with hypnosis.

The first time I went into trance I spent most of the session wondering if I was actually in trance rather than focusing on what my practitioner was telling me. This is why I have built this in for you. By the time you get to your actual quit session you will be comfortable with what happens and you will be more comfortable working with me so that is a win for you on both counts.

I will be doing a progressive muscular relaxation technique followed by some preparation for change
suggestion. Afterwards I will be giving you some suggestions to take away and complete in your lead
up to your quit day.

3) Your actual quit session -1 hour

Congratulations on one of the best decisions you will ever make – to become a non-smoker.

You will leave with all the support you need based on what you tell me in that initial chat, including hints and tips on this transition from smoker to non-smoker.

4) The safety net session – 1 hour

This session is not compulsory but it is there if you need it for whatever comes up. This could be for anything from gaining weight due to eating more now you no longer smoke, relaxation, stress management, cravings, temptation to smoke again etc.

This session can be booked in up to 3 months after your quit session.

Prices for all therapy are in the FAQ section of my website.

Smokers - please note I will be wanting a high level of commitment and motivation from anyone wanting this therapy. I turn many clients away because they lack motivation which is basically setting yourself up for failure. I only work with smoking clients who want to quit themselves – if your spouse calls on your behalf this is a huge red flag for me – who is it that wants this? I work with people that are serious about quitting smoking, it is not in my best interests to take your money and set you up to fail. If I think you are not ready, I will tell you this and ask you to come back to me when you are more motivated and wanting to quit for yourself and are in the right head space to do what it takes. Please don’t be offended if this happens – I actually want you to achieve your goal.


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