Pain / Health Related Issues

With the social deprescribing campaign underway now in the UK, opioids are no longer regularly
prescribed for people with chronic pain.

What do you mean by Chronic pain?
Chronic pain is defined as something that has persisted despite medication and/or treatment for
over 12 weeks.

This short YouTube video explains the campaign beautifully:

The following u tube shows the new holistic approach looking at your overall emotional and
physical wellbeing:

What does this mean for me if I have a chronic condition?
It could mean you may be looking for alternative methods to help improve your day-to-day life if you
do have a long-term condition that causes pain.

If you are reading this part of my website, you might be considering hypnosis!

Let’s be very clear here, hypnosis cannot cure any medical condition, however what it can do is support with relaxation, mindset, resilience and strengthen your ability to cope better which will all reduce the severity of suffering.

If you are thinking this is the way to go, please reach out.

Can hypnosis work for other health related issues?
Absolutely IBS is a trending condition being treated with hypnosis as it is usually linked to some kind
of stress related issue. Hypnosis can work with your IBS to improve day to day life and support
symptom reduction.


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