What is Past Life Regression?

People seem to try PLR as a taster into hypnosis, not specifically wanting therapy but curious to explore both hypnosis and times from earlier in history. There are several explanations for what might be going on with PLR and there is plenty of opinion if you google it.

- Have I really had past lives and are they genuine memories?
- Is it my imagination based on things that just pop into my head?
- Could I be somehow tapping into someone else’s mind across history almost like telepathy?
- Is it soul memory?

So many possibilities and people are curious to explore!

People undertake PLR for lots of different reasons including curiosity about reincarnation, history, memories that come up that can’t be explained from their current life, behaviours and psychology and some for the sheer fun of it.

It doesn’t really matter what your thoughts and feeling are about PLR, it can be a wonderful experience and I am happy to work with you whatever your beliefs.

Who can do a PLR?

As long as you are 18 years and over, I should be able to accommodate you. There are certain health issues which may mean you are not suitable but I will check those when you make contact.

What do I need to be aware of?

PLR is usually a one-off session.


The experience is different for everyone based on how you are feeling, my personal experience of PLR is different from normal hypnosis in that I cannot visualise, I just know. The answers I seek just come into my head and this can be difficult to grasp but I have no idea how. It’s intriguing and very weird and the first time I did it I was sceptical that I may have imagined the experience. The more relaxed you become the more you will grasp the way it works.


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