Jo Wright (DipCHH) (CertNLPS) (GQHP)

My name is Jo Wright and I have been a people leader/ improvement coach for the last 20 years.

My journey with hypnotherapy began around 2010 when my daughter Georgia had some sessions to help her with self-esteem, confidence and anxiety around her swimming performance. She had such a shift in mindset and the things holding her back virtually disappeared. She later went on to win 8 national titles in distance swimming from her time in America on a full scholarship at West Chester University, PA.

The Hypnotherapist working with my daughter was Dave Wright (picture bottom left) who is an amazing person and he was the one who inspired me to learn the skills and go on to help others as he had with my daughter, the rest is history.

I absolutely love a challenge! Picking apart the various issues that have lead people to me for help is my strength. My analytic mind starts ticking and doesn't stop until it's seen results. If we try something and it doesn't work, we will simply come at it from a different angle. I will do my best to help bring about positive change.


Fluent-Therapy is owned  by Jo Wright (DipCHH) (CertNLPS) (GQHP), Doncaster.
Established 2021.


Doncaster, UK